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ks as buffy

Hey dead comm!

Posted by lesbido on 2011.02.28 at 19:35
Vote on this application please!

ks as buffy

A day in the life of a duckling

Posted by lesbido on 2011.01.30 at 10:21
Name: Cynthia
Age (no one under 13, House rules): 26
Location: Stateside
Occupation: Independent Filmmaker, i.e. my own boss, i.e. looking for work, i.e. Unemployed

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Quote 'Keep Calm Pass The Joint'

Pimping... please excuse the interruption!

Posted by marked_brow on 2011.01.12 at 13:52

join inception_land! there are 4 teams based on the movie: Team Extractor, Team Point Man, Team Architect, and Team Forger! come check out the fun and if you join let them know that marked_brow sent you!

Wilson - YES

A day in the life of a duckling

Posted by mister_monday on 2010.07.25 at 19:34

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credit: julie_izumi

A Day in the Life of a Duckling

Posted by petitecuriosity on 2010.06.28 at 03:20
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SaraEve 'House Logo'

Poll: New Theme!

Posted by marked_brow on 2010.06.16 at 17:40
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Poll #1579424 What Should Our New Theme?

please choose one... active members are awesome members!

reopen an old theme (matchmake, best friend, etc.)
house-ism season 2
specialty theme (neurology, oncology, etc.)
outfit theme (cuddy's pink suit, house's sneakers, etc.)
other (please suggest one!)

SaraEve 'House Logo'


Posted by marked_brow on 2010.06.16 at 16:56
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Hello Doctors!

you may have noticed this place is a little... well... no one likes to use the word 'dead' in a hospital, do they? so we shall say 'inactive'. well, all applications have been voted on. maybe we need some fresh blood (in that case, tell your friends about us! you know they would love it here!). maybe we need a new theme (a poll is on the way!). maybe some new stamps would make the place sparkle (but not in the creepy Twilight vampire way, because that is not our thing, we are professional drug abusing doctors with daddy issues and marriage complexes!). if so, i am in need of a new 'Community Artist/Co-Mod'!

do you have a suggestion, idea for a theme, something to say? say it here! i don't want this place to go by the wayside like so many other stamping communities. House m.d. is still alive and kicking major ass. let's do the same with the community.

have a great week everyone!

Dr. Lisa Cuddy,

Quote 'Keep Calm Pass The Joint'

mod update-- needs your votes!

Posted by marked_brow on 2009.11.16 at 19:27
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Hello Doctors!

could you please vote on the following applications? once all of them are closed out i will open up our new theme!


thank you so much, and have a great fall holiday!

Dr. Lisa Cuddy,

Wistful HMD S2

A day in the life of a Duckling...

Posted by angelfirenze on 2009.07.14 at 11:01
Current Location: Dr. Gregory and Col. John House's hospital room
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Current Music: AFI - Endlessly, She Said | Powered by Last.fm
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comics; star-lord

A Day In The Life Of A Duckling

Posted by starlord on 2009.06.27 at 20:36
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