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House Stamped Members

The Original HOUSE Stamping Community~~ Bring Your Cane!

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thank you merlynnod for the banner!

This is a stamping/rating community for the FOX show House . As Wilth Every Stamping Community, there are some rules that follow:

First off, you have to join the community! All you have to do is fill out the initial application. Then after SEVEN people have commented on your application or after 1 week, responding as to who you are most like, you will be STAMPED as that member.

You may start voting right away, you do not need to be STAMPED first in order to achieve posting rights, but you must be a member of the community


Dr. Gregory House
Dr. James Wilson
Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Dr. Allison Cameron
Dr. Robert Chase
Dr. Eric Foreman
Stacy Warner Lawyer
Dr. Lawrence Kutner (stamp coming soon!)
Dr. Chris Taub (stamp coming soon!)
Dr. #13 (stamp coming soon!)

(i am looking for someone to make stamps for our newest doctors!)

Once you have recieved all your comments and are STAMPED, you get a pretty picture! :) Saying you were stamped as_______ and you can snark at all your friends that you are better than them. Then save the stamp to your own server. DO NOT HOTLINK. This is a direct insult to the artists who have made our beautiful stamps.

*regarding the stamps: although i choose to use one stamp, there are three different kinds available. just ckeck out the 'stamps' link further down.

Golden Rules:

~Don't provoke me. I have a cane and I know how to use it. Flaming, trolling, spamming all that happy stuff, and bye!

~ NO SPAMMING. stop having conversations in the applications! i know sometimes you just feel compelled to say something to the applicant, but that is what AIM, and now the new LiveJournal IM is for.

First Time: Warning
Second Time: You Get Put on my 'Clinic Duty' List
Third Time: You Are Removed and 'Banned' From The Community

Copy and paste THIS application in your entry. The title of your entry MUST be "A Day In The Life Of A Duckling" This way I know you have read all of my happy little rules. Anything that DOES NOT say this will be ignored and deleted by me.

First Of All-- Are You Applying For A New Stamp? If So, Who Are You Already Stamped As?

Age (no one under 13, House rules):


-Please List No More Than 10 of Each-
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Musicians and/or Musical Groups:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Television Shows:

The One Thing You Want To Do More Than Anything:

House Related Questions

Who is your favorite character and why?
Do you have a favorite episode? Care to Share?
Do you have a favorite quote and/or snark? Wanna tell us?
Do you have a favorite House accessory?
If you were sick, would you want House as a doctor?
Which character do you identify with most? This can include a patient.

Most importantly, what is your non-House favorite quote?

**extra** please include a pic of yourself, it would be really nice. :)

Don't stop coming back just because you were STAMPED. After all, how are other members going to get theirs?

credit goes to member alison24601 for making these great stamps! Stamps

credit goes to members ravyn725 and charmling (who made the second batch) for making these great stamps! Stamps

credit goes to the always lovely pixiegrl_11 for our new header!

August Theme: Mirror
Stamped Members>
September Theme: Matchmaker
credit goes to strawberry_star and mouette_lunaire for making these great stamps!

If you have any questions, or if i make no damn sense, email me at anytime!

Your Administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy kismet_evenstar
Your Co-Moderator, Stacy Warner wildcatlizzie
Your Co-Moderator, Dr, Gregory House bangdrum

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